About Me

Hiya, I'm Gracie Lynch A.K.A Gracie Rose! I'm 14 and come from Essex. I love beauty, fashion and life!

Well, where do I start? Ah, I know! March 2012! One night, I was very bored and to help pass time I decided to have a little nose about on youtube. I suddendly came across Kandee Johnson! Wow- I loved her videos and I watched them non-stop! Once, I'd watched all Kandee's videos I found Elle and Blair Fowler. Then since that quite night I have watched more and more beauty vloggers, from Zoella to Sprinkleofglitter, from Fleur to Tanya, I just loved watching beauty and fashion videos! After that I started to also read blogs! Since then, I have been hooked on this little beauty community- I love it!

Since then I have really wanted to start youtube videos and write my own blog. However, I've never had enough courage to just go ahead and do it. As some of you may know, in September-October time I owned a youtube account and this blog. I posted beauty videos and posts which I really enjoyed doing. Sadly, I stopped them due to personal reasons but now I'm back for good and I won't be leaving- pinky promise :) However, I now no longer do youtube videos which is shame because I really did enjoy doing them. Maybe sometime in the future I will start videos again but for now I'll stick too my blog. Hopefully, I will start doing regular beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog posts! 

I hope you all enjoy my blog just as much as I do!
Thankyou xoxoxo


  1. Gracie omg I'm your biggest fan I think your amazing!

    1. Thank you, my lovely! My first fan:')